Square Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

Square Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

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STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL whilst entirely functional the HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCK allows you to cook, chill and serve your food in style.

Cook steak, chill ice cream or serve sashimi on a 250 million (yes, 250 MILLION!) year old slab of PURE crystallized Himalayan mineral salt - possibly some of the purest cleanest salt in the world.

This stunning rose quartz hued block can be heated to around 230 degrees C - perfect for taking center stage at your next BBQ or dinner party. Throw on some succulent steaks, juicy scallops, tender asparagus and enjoy perfectly seasoned food seared to perfection.

Fancy something cold? Chill the block down to serve sushi, cheese, fresh fruit - even ice cream can be made on a well frozen block.

Because the block is a totally natural salt product, harvested from deep within the Himalayan mountain ranges of Pakistan, each block is totally UNIQUE.

Cleaning the block is hassle free - just wipe over with a damp cloth. The salt is anti-fungal and anti-microbial, so no detergents should be used and as water is the enemy of salt washing it is a complete no no. Could it be any easier!?!

The block needs to be heated slowly and carefully (full instructions for this included) but will last for years. Over time the appearance of the block will weather, giving it interesting new colours and shades and adding to its individual story.

After many, many uses the block will finally get too small for cooking or serving on but it can still be grated over food or popped into the tub for a detoxifying salt bath - it's the gift that keeps giving!

20.35cm * 20.35cm * 5cm

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